Today's Nexus Of Forces Are Causing The Shift To A Partner Powered Revenue Model

The days of low cost cash and unprecedented demand are over. Direct-only is simply too expensive.
Your customers are now Business Leaders (not IT). They have their own buyers journey including relying on their own non-tech partners and want solutions not a single product. Direct-only is simply too expensive.
Selling your X-as-a-Service solution means you get paid get paid monthly and a fraction of what you used to get paid up front and you must continue to add value every month to avoid cancellation. Direct-only is simply too expensive.
Your customers' needs and demand are growing exponentially. Direct-only is simply too expensive.
Direct sales reps average tenure is 18 months and time to full productivity is 15 months. Direct-only is simply too expensive.

Partner Powered Revenue Model

A healthy and mature Partner Powered Revenue Model consists of having multiple partners and partner types with complimentary skills that are fully aligned with your business model and your Ideal Customer Profiles - ICPs. It is essential that these partners are able to provide value to your customers, in conjunction with you throughout the customers complete lifecycle - from pre-sales to sales to post sales. This model will dramatically help reduce CAC and increase LTV thus profitability and the ability to scale.
“All ISVs and partners know they need to build a Partner Powered Revenue Program but they don't all know how. My team at Microsoft guided the largest ISVs and partners on the steps and enablement. SEBS provides the roadmap and enablement to guide all ISVs and partners” - Gavriella Schuster - previous Microsoft Channel Chief