Who We Educate

Creating and scaling a Partner Ecosystem is a team sport. As much as individuals get enormous value from SEBS' education and Partner Ecosystem Foundations Certification - organizations and teams need the same. "76% of Business Leaders surveyed agree current business models will be unrecognizable in the next 5 years - ecosystems will be the main change agent" - Accenture. That powerful statement alone says organizations and their teams need Partner Ecosystem education and certification.


Advance your career

Be the Partner Ecosystem expert in your organization

Become a Partner Ecosystem agent of change

Educate your management team

Earn an invaluable certification



Educate teams on the Partner Ecosystem model

Educate teams on their specific roles

Educate teams on other teams roles and functions

Get all teams working in harmony

Get all certified

$10,000/year - 10 students


Select cross functional staff

Organization wide Partner Ecosystem knowledge

Get organization wide buy-in

Ensure Partner Ecosystem Success

Incentivize certification

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